AcneControl Therapeutic Line

AcneControl Line is medically formulated with special ingredients and botanical extracts to perform the following:
Has anti-bacterial properties against acne
It exfoliates and open clogged pores
It controls excess sebum without drying the skin
It prevents new acne formation
Reduces Blemishes & minimizes enlarged pores
Reduces skin irritation and redness
It cleanses and removes make-up without drying the skin

AcneContro Gel

It contains special botanical ingredients that. dry up acne pimples, decreases blemishes and reduces the activity of oil glands. It also has anti-bacterial activity against P.Bacterium Acne. It reduces comedones and acne lesions as well as it prevents new formation of black heads, white heads, and pimples. The gel also prevents white and black heads, opens clogged pores and soothes irritated skin.

$35.00 005002
AcneControl TheraCleanser

TheraCleanser is a therapeutically formulated with pure botanical extracts that work together to control acne. The rich lather gently removes excess oil and dirt that clog the pores. Moreover, it reduces oil secretion and gently removes make-up. The difference is noticed immediately as the skin will look healthy and feel clean. It does not dry the skin.

$36.00 005019
AcneControl TheraScrub

It is unique product for the treatment of back and chest acne. It contains Loofah granules and microscrubbers that exfoliate dead skin and remove black and white heads, opening clogged pores. It has non-drying effect on the skin and effectively controls the flow of sebum.

$37.00 005033
AcneControl TheraToner

It minimizes enlarged pores, skin redness and erythema while healing blemishes and increasing skinís blood flow. It has anti- bacterial properties against P.Acne, thus preventing new acne formation.It contains anti-oxidants, botanical extracts and others.

$37.00 005040
AcneControl TheraMask

It contains Apricot Kernel and Botanical Extracts that texturize the skin while regulating sebum and oil, exfoliating dead skin cells and hydrating the irritated skin. It provides nutrients and helps its renewal process. It refreshes, nourishes and restores skin complexion..

$75.00 005026
AcneControl Nutritional Supplement

Formulated by the medical team of Biomani Scientific SkinCare. Contains combination of special vitamins, herbs & minerals that inhibit bacteria, reduce pimples & oil, reduce skin inflammation, speeds up the healing process and prevent new acne. Taking it while treating acne with AcneControl Line will definitely enhance the results and accelerate the recovery.. It is not recommended for pregnant women. The usual dose is two capsules twice daily after meals

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AcneControl Therapeutic Line

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