Cellulite & Ingrown hair Prevention

These are very specialized products that target Cellulite/ingrown hair rendering the skin nicer looking.

Slender Contour KIT

Its use results in silky and healthy skin with no greasy effect and slows down the formation of spider veins on the legs. It reduces cellulite in the hip and thigh area in conjunction with diet and exercise. Its regular use stops the need for applying greasy lotions on the legs

$65.00 004012

BioDerm effectively treats and to stops skin irritation associated with ingrown hairs, shaving, facials, peels, makeup skin reaction, epilators, waxing and electric hair removal. The effect is quite dramatic and usually results are seen within 12-24 hours. Formulated by a physician, this unique product is composed of pharmaceutical grade ingredients combined with specific botanical extracts that reduce skin irritation and inflammation. BioDerm is very effective to work in the following conditions: Prevents ingrown hairs and reduce existing ones.Stops skin inflammation and redness associated with waxing, electrolysis and shaving. Eliminates pseudofolliculosis barbae (razor bumps) in men.

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Cellulite & Ingrown hair Prevention

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