Eye Area Care Line

Eye area skin is very thin and very sensitive. It requires very special products made specially for this type of skin. After extensive research Biomani was able to formulate the required products that manage this area safely and effectively.

UltraFirming Cream

UltraFirming Crème is one of a kind topical eye treatment that helps to restore the lift, snap and resilience of the eye lid and reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles. There is significant increase in elasticity after 2 weeks and, through-out the treatment, it provides additional hydration and moisture to the eye area with reduction of dark circles around the eye.

$98.00 002186
BioLotion Eye Area Make-up Remover

BioLotion is formulated from special botanical extracts and other ingredients that nourish the sensitive skin around the eye while cleansing and removing any make-up without burning sensation or irritation. It helps to reduce puffiness and swelling around the eyes.

$34.00 001097
Eye Expression Cream

Don’t be afraid of the dark circles After 3 years of research, it was created by Biomani. It lightens and fades away stubborn dark eye circles. It contains active botanical extracts and Potassium Azelaic that work on the factors that cause dark circles.

$120.00 002195

Eye Area Care Line

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