Skin Rejuvenation Line

The products of this line are formulated to target skin aging marks, sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles and texture, The Line gives the face a younger look and reduces signs of aging.

Hydrorejuvenation Cream

Hydro-Rejuvenation Cream is scientifically formulated from selected botanical ingredients that increase skin’s elasticity by stimulating the regeneration of elastin and collagen, while providing deep hydration and moisture to the skin. Uniquely, Hydro-Rejuvenation Cream is the only product of its kind that contains Rosavena® which is a powerful botanical anti-oxidant and is scientifically proven to neutralize the free radicals that contribute to skin damage and premature aging. Daily use of Hydro-Rejuvenation Cream, will promote elastin and collagen production, moisturize the skin, renew skin with newly generated young cell, eliminate and control facial premature fine lines and improve skin sagging

$110.00 005101
Elastin-Cllagen Cream

This biological cream rejuvenates, nourishes and protects the skin. It is abundant in collagen, elastin and D.N.A. that serve to hydrate and restore the texture and appearance of mature skin. It is quite effective in fortifying, softening and purifying while combating wrinkles and encouraging a smooth, tight skin surface.

$99.00 002292
UltraFirming Cream

UltraFirming Crème is one of a kind topical eye treatment that helps to restore the lift, snap and resilience of the eye lid and reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles. There is significant increase in elasticity after 2 weeks and, through-out the treatment, it provides additional hydration and moisture to the eye area with reduction of dark circles around the eye.

$98.00 002186

Skin Rejuvenation Line

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