Sun Protection & Pigmentation

Those two products are highly specialized to perform effectively their specific function.

Sun TheraCare

Biomani Sun TheraCare is formulated to absorb the UV radiation, and to be non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic.The product is formulated by a physician and is composed of pure natural ingredients compounded with a protective combination of pharmaceutical grade UV blockers, moisturizers and RosavenaŽ. imported from Canada specifically for Biomani Scientific SkinCare line, is a patented botanical anti-oxidant that completely neutralizes the free radicals, which cause skin damage and premature wrinkles.

$47.00 005217

It contains three special botanical xtracts which inhibit the tyrosinase that produces melanin. Brown and age spots will remarkably disappear and the skin regains its original looks. It does not contain Hydroquinone and it can be used on all types of skin including Asians. The depigmentation action is through the highly specialized botanical extracts present in the product. Its regular use will get rid of these annoying brown skin discoloration and age spots

$78.00 005309

Sun Protection & Pigmentation

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