Therapeutic Moisturizers & Masks

This group is medical grade and each product targets a skin condition to improve or heal it. The formulas are mainly botanical in nature and with other ingredients they acquire deep effectiveness by nourishing and vitalizing the skin.

Elastin-Cllagen Cream

This biological cream rejuvenates, nourishes and protects the skin. It is abundant in collagen, elastin and D.N.A. that serve to hydrate and restore the texture and appearance of mature skin. It is quite effective in fortifying, softening and purifying while combating wrinkles and encouraging a smooth, tight skin surface.

$99.00 002292
Citrus-Sage Cream

It is formulated with active botanical extracts, Sage, Watercress and Lemon Bioflavenoids. This combination purifies as well as revitalizes the complexion. The Watercress has natural anti-bacterial properties and helps fight acne and blemishes. The active botanical Sage improves skinís elasticity and stabilizes oily skin. Vitamins A, E and C are anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect from ultraviolet rays. Very appropriate for acne skin

$89.00 002094
Thalassic-Marine Cream

It contains a special bio-fermentation extracts derived from red marine algae. These extracts create effective moisturization, reduction of fine lines, skin firmness and increase in cellular turnover. The marine extracts cause increase in collagen production and skin hydration that result in removing the fine lines on the face. Very effective in sun damaged skin.

$92.00 002087
Therapeutic Camphor Mask

This creamy medicinal mask that combines Camphor with botanical extracts to enhance the skinís immune system and remove toxins, debris and dead cells. It removes and controls excess oil, while reducing blemishes. Very effective in sun burns and damage in association with other products.

$78.00 002070
Aquaderm Hydrating Mask

A special formula which contains specific combination of botanical extracts that firm, moisturize and restore the damaged skin. It reduces puffiness & eases the fine lines. It prevents water loss from the skin.

$80.00 002155
Papaya-Honey Mask

A unique formula that incorporates active Papaya & botanical extracts in a creamy mask to texturize and nourishing the facial skin while hydrating and tightening it. It has clarifying and healing properties.

$79.00 002100

Therapeutic Moisturizers & Masks

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